Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Training Day #1

Here I am in my Olympic jacket, but it says Tickets.com all over it and Vancouver 2010 is very small. Too bad. The official VANOC jackets are very cute.
So today was exhausting. We started at 9am and were overloaded with info, everything from trying to learn the ticketing system, to info about how to read reports, how to tell a counterfeit ticket, to what to do with money, how to get change (get friendly with the food vendors!), to how to sell wheelchair tickets, obstructed view. OMG! Can't believe I will be able to supervise a soul! Got an Olympic issued cell phone (need to learn to use) and a new email address already loaded with 81 messages! Have shared the condo with Shaela from Boise State. And in another "It's a Small World" moment, I am working with a guy from Chicago who has worked the Athlens olympics (thank god for experience) named Patrick Bannick. He knows Steve's brother, Patrick Clear, and house managed at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago when Patrick used to play Bob Cratchit! We got to walk around downtown a bit and see some of the fun and did a little souvenir shopping. Now it's time for bed. Tomorrow is another training day, and I think we get to help out with rehearsal for Opening Ceremonies and after that drive to Whistler - only 3 hour drive! Yikes!


  1. Our ACTF students are under a little bit of pressure, but it's pretty relaxed for me: see some shows, look at displays, cheer them on! I do lead an informal dramaturgy workshop on Thursday.

    You sound a bit busier!

  2. You are well on your way! So the temps are around 30 degrees. How cold does it feel? Can't wait to hear more, especially those small world encounters!

  3. Did you get any other swag? Bags, backpacks, hats, gloves or mugs? What is the hot ticket this year?

  4. "Get friendly with the food vendors..."

    Well, I suppose that advice beats "use your ATM card!"